27. Oct, 2021

I Visited Vancouver

As I was planning today’s list last night, I noticed that the AdLab series,  Ghosts, Witches and the Paranormal In King’s Lynn started on the other side of the Tuesday Market Square outside our hotel, so I added it to the list.

It was still dark when I started out and quickly found the first two bases on the AdLab tour. The second, The Exorcist’s Cottage, was right next to Kings Lynn ~ St Nicholas so I nabbed the CM trad as well. 😀 The next one that I was after was the ST Kings Lynn mystery which was quickly found. The hint here was very clever and I will try to integrate it into some of my future caches.

I realised that the Red Mount Chapel : Virtual Reward 2.0 was only a few hundred yards away across The Walks so I trundled over there and sought out the answers to qualify for this one.As I walked away, I checked the AdLab and therebwas another base here. Something about a man and his dog going into the tunnel under the Chapel and never being seen again.😨

I headed out of the park to the CM Kings Lynn ~Methodist multi. I solved the puzzle butbhad to walk back into the park to claim my prize. Back out on the main road, I paused by the Library as it was another AdLab base. Luckily I didn’t see the ghost but I did spot that the Library had been built courtesy of a donation by the Scottish born industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. I was able to visit Carnegie Hall in NYC a couple of years ago.

Carrying on with caching, I walked down to CM Kings Lynn ~ All Saints. This was a Letterbox based on the Great Storm. I had presumed (from a distance) the date of one storm but when I finally found the info source, I found that there had been another.🤔 Still, I had a quick find at the final stage.😀

I carried on, collecting the CM Kings Lynn Minster multi that I had solved yesterday. I was now walking to the last AdLab base, the frightful sounding Satan’s Hoof Print In Devil’s Alley. As you can see, the place does exist but I would need to scale the roof to see the hoof.🤔 Having completed the series, I made my way to the Custom House part of town.

This was close to the river and the few remaining trawlers but it had a couple,of multis here. I had problems with the LB ~ Outer Purfleet Kings Lynn yesterday but the CO had pointed out the info source for me so I was able to quickly source the coords and the cunning cache. 

Now the next multi, The Forgotten Explorer was a very informative experience. There was a statue here commemorating an 18th century explorer who’s name I had heard many times. Did you now that George Vancouver was born in Kings Lynn? I had never heard of him.

However, Captain George Vancouver was a Royal Navy Officer best known for his 1791- 95 expedition, which explored and charted North America's northwestern Pacific Coast regions, including the coasts of what are now British Columbia as well as Alaska, Washington and Oregon. He also explored the Hawaiian Islands and the southwest coast of Australia.

Vancouver Island, the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, as well as Vancouver, Washington in the United States, are all named for him. Mount Vancouver on the Canadian–American border between Yukon and Alaska, and New Zealand's sixth highest mountain, also Mount Vancouver, are also named after him. Not bad for a Norfolk lad, is it?

Mind you, a few months later, after George was born, another Norfolk sailor was born a few miles away in Burnham Thorpe. However, I have heard of Vice-Admiral, the 1st Viscount Horatio Nelson.😀

Sorry for the History lesson but once I get going.🥴 There was only time for one more cache and that was the bonus of yesterday’s AdLab series - A Medeival Town ~ Kings Lynn. I walked through the waking streets to the final stage of the King John’s Treasure mystery where I had a quick find to round off my Geocaching visit.


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