29. Oct, 2021

A Cachers Event?

I haven’t been as geoactive as usual this month. In fact I have missed two complete days when I should have been out hunting plastic containers. So my numbers are now for the month and I need them to look a bit more respectable. 

Oh, I was checking through some challenge caches the other day and I found two which needed one thousand caches to be found in Hertfordshire to qualify. I checked what I had done so far and I only had 450, which is odd as Hertfordshire in the next county on to me. 

So I looked what was about and remembered that I had only found half of the Essex & Herts Border trads. So there we have it, the plan for today. It was mainly going to be 1.5/1.5 trads but other numbers would be bumped up too. 

If you haven’t dabbled on project.gc, don’t start.😀 You will be immersed in a world of stats and will start looking at ways to increase your numbers of trads, multis, words that you write in a log, how high or low that you have cached and so on. However it’s great fun progressing through the gradings to achieve your Golden Belt. 

Anyway, I pulled into Meesden, in Herts, just after dawn and quickly found #272 of the E&HB series. I was going to work my way through to #325, which was the end of the line. However as most of the hints are BoP, BoT or MTT, I‘m not going to dwell on many caches in the series.

I found the A Fine Pair trad in Meesden but #276 and #279 of the series were MIA. As I pulled into Anstey, a place rich with caches, I spotted four cachers and a dog outside the Blind Fiddlers pub. They had been there so long, they must have been trying to solve an infinson puzzle.😀

I picked up the LB ~ Anstey (3) trad and the LB ~ Anstey South mystery before continuing with the series. I failed again at #294 before pulling into Brent Pelham. I was hoping for a coffee or something here but no joy. I did find the WM and the FP multis though.😀 I persevered up to #310 and then checked my bearing. I was only three miles from Buntingford and I could hear the Coffee Shop calling me so I broke off for lunch.😀

After a sausage sandwich on wholemeal with a dash of English mustard plus an Americano with cold milk on the side, I drove back to #311 and set off again. I failed at #316 and #320, more MIA than a failure, 🤔 and reached #325 E&HB Series - The End...? Will Munsterrr continue this series? Watch this space.

1 Mystery 2 Multi 50 Traditional