31. Oct, 2021


I had arranged an Event this morning in Gravesend but until late last night, I thought that I would be on my own but a few people started to log on. A quick weather check showed that it would start to pour down from 0800 so I would be lucky to get much caching done before the 0830 meeting.

I had an extra hour‘s caching this morning thanks to the clocks going back and I pulled off M25 at Stone just before dawn. My first cache was the 4.5/1 2nd Iconic County Challenge Cache. I had find at least 7 cache types in at least 7 counties to qualify for this one. Next up I found and signed the 3rd Iconic County Challenge Cache but I couldn’t claim it as a find as I didn’t qualify, YET.😀 If I can turn that DNF at a CM Wherigo in Ipswich into a smiley face, I will have found at least 8 cache types in at least 8 counties. Then I can claim the 5/1 mystery.😀

Just around the corner was ”Eventually four you” Challenge Cache. I had qualified for this one so I was happy to sign it. I wasn’t happy that the rain had started to hiss down. I drove down to the WM ~ Stone multi and sheltered under the trees trying to work out the puzzle. I failed first time as I had considered EVERYDAY to be two words but I was wrong.🙁

It was more than hissing down now, the rain was becoming torrential.🤬 I wanted to find one cache before I called it a day. I had unfinished business at the CM Swanscombe ~ Methodist multi. I had been here in the summer when I was on the CM 250K journey. I reckoned that it was MIA and all the other cachers after me had also failed to find it but had claimed it. This time, I took a replacement cache with me.

The rain was still chucking it down and small rivers were running down the street. As I tried to tuck the new container into the remaining cable tie, the container pinged out of my hand and over the wall and into the cemetery.🤯 I had to schlep around and grab it before making sure that I took more care next time.🤔

I drove into Gravesend looking for a parking spot as near as possible to the event. I had to pass the Clock Tower on the way. I had found the EC here, a couple of years ago but now the Tower was a base of the England’s Creative Coast - Gravesend AdLab. I quickly found the required answer.

I reached the empty Costa and ordered my stuff. I took off my soaking wet jacket but I would have done so anyway as I had my Lincoln Mega shirt on. As I sat slurping my coffee, a chap came in and made a bee-line for me. Hello, I’m Rupert. It was 1260rjc, who I had often texted for help on some of his splendid multis around the area. I was so pleased to finally meet him. He was on a flyer as he was going on to Crayford for a bellringing session.

After a few minutes, wanderingstar5, Helen, arrived without a raincoat which we thought was odd.🤔 As Sir_Lancelot and LancelotsLady arrived, Rupert had to leave.🙁 The event carried on well over time and when I was leaving the others were contemplating their Geocaching plans for the day.🤔

1 AdLab 1 Event 2 Multi 2 Mystery