3. Nov, 2021

Off to Ashford for a Wherigo Journey

As you know, I‘m on this relentless journey to complete a century of Wherigo caches. I could pick them off one a time on odd days out or I could plan another Wherigo fest to boost the number. I am currently on 73 Wherigos so where better to go than Ashford which was probably got more of the things than anywhere else.🤔

I was up nice and early this morning, through the tunnel without a hitch and parking up in Ashford as dawn broke. I was going to have another try on the 007 series of eight Wherigos. I was going to be James Bond chasing villains around and I actually got past first base here find the cache. However I couldn‘t find #2 but said I did to be able to move on.🤔 I managed to manipulate my way through to #6 but I got caught in a loop and couldn’t say that I had found the thing so was unable to move on.🥴

I decided to go to a nearby supermarket for my usual breakfast. However I found the CM Kingsnorth trad and the VS multI on the way. It was a bit of a queue at the Costa so I perused the book sale and bought Quentin Letts’s 50 People Who’ve Buggered Up Britain.😀

I left the cafe and drove the short distance down to Singleton Lake for the Beam Me Up Spotty series of Wherigos. Luckily this series of five caches worked well and I was more than pleased.

I drove down to near Victoria Park for the Wherigo Maze series hoping that my luck had changed for the better. However, it all came unstuck. I had to start at the starting point and walk into a park and find bases and answer questions correctly. Eventually I managed to get the coords and set off for the cache. After finding the cache, I had to walk back to the starting point and carry out the same procedure. I eventually teased the coords out of the cartridge and found #4.

I walked back to the starting point, started the procedure, walked around the park and eventually got the coords for #4.🤯🤯🤯 I started again and eventually got the coords for #4. 🤬🤬🤬 I gave up.

I had a go at another Wherigo which now seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. I got in the starting zone and was told the cache was 1.25Km away but no direction. I seemed to walk for miles but only got marginally closer which ever direction I walked. In the end, I marked a reference point and gave up. I had picked up a couple of trads on my travels and as I walked back to the car, I found the CXVII Letterbox. This Large cache was in someone’s front garden.😀

So not a great day as too much time faffing around. I will have a rest from Wherigos for a while.🤫

1 Letterbox 1 Multi 4 Traditional 11 Wherigo