7. Nov, 2021

29 and 99 Events

Today is the 14th Anniversary of the placing of the first Church Micro cache and there is a splendid but unofficial souvenir for both finding a CM today and for attending a CM Anniversary Event. As you know, I am “collecting“ Events” for a challenge and have attended 98 of them so far. I need another two to qualify for a Challenge Cache down in Faversham and I have hosted 28 Events so far. 

If any of you are into Projec-GC, you will, of course, know that you are awarded the Diamond Badge for hosting 30 Events. You can guess what I am after.😀 So cutting to the chase, I have organised a CM Event for this morning.

My original plan was to hold one in Old Bexley which had a number of CMs including a Wherigo and a decent venue for the event. However, my first attempt was knocked back as it was only 9.8 miles from a CITO and an Event down at Woodlands Church. It was four hours earlier too. Imagine  if I had put this in for publication a couple of days earlier.🤔 I would have blown their plans out of the water. As it was, I rearranged my venue to Bexleyheath which was just 10.2 miles from the CITO.

With my Event now published, I could concentrate on my caching plans for the morning. First up was a visit to Old Bexley for the 1/4.5 SideTracked - Bexley (clamber) trad. I had been on a reconnaissance mission a couple of weeks earlier and could see what was needed. As I am not allowed to buy a telescopic ladder, I had to make do with what I could find in the garage to give me the boost that I needed.

As the sparrows started singing, I tried to arrange my stuff to get me up the first six feet and eventually made it, much to my delight. 😀 I moved on up the road to the CM Bexley ~ URC multI, where I had messed up,a couple of weeks earlier. The coords that I arrived at didn’t make sense so I didn’t go looking for the cache. However, I soon saw my error and the cache was soon in hand.

It was time to drive up to Bexleyheath as I wasn’t sure of the parking restrictions on a Sunday here. I spotted somewhere decent to park for the venue which just happened to be next to the CM - Bexleyheath ~ St John Vianney trad and then set off for Danson Park. This was a huge park that I hadn’t visited before. There were quite a few caches here including a Wherigo so I started on this first. 

The story was that I had to chase five animals around the park to get the coords and the first up was an eagle.🥴 The avian was cruising on a loop at various altitudes and I had to position myself to grab it when it became low enough. The blurb said that there was a possibility that I might look a bit silly but I wasn’t expecting the throng of volunteers clearing up the debris from the previous evening’s firework display.🤔 I followed the eagle‘s path for a while and decided that today wasn’t the day.🙁

On the way out of the park, I found the Danson Park - Birdwatching trad and the DP - Lockdown mystery and did the ground work for the DP - Charter Oak multi. Back at the car, I remembered that there was a 1/1 trad nearby with the intriguing title - Angelic Being Not By Water.🤔 Being nosey, I went down for a look only to find it was cache hidden next to an Angel ornament well away from the pond in someone‘s front garden. It did make me chuckle so I had to give it a fave point.

I arrived at the event on time and RamsPadge and Doggywalker were already there. SkiCycle arrived not long afterwards followed by BoxHunter1991 and LVT, who I hadn’t met before. The last to arrive was RubyShoos who apparently lives very local.🤔 There was lots of anticipation about the CITO and lots of chat about local caches plus Geocaching plans for the future.

The meeting started to wind down and some were thinking about breakfast, some were going on to other caches and Imwas off home. As I was going through the tunnel thinking about the meeting, I remembered that I hadn’t taken the group photo.🥴

1 Event 1 Multi 1 Mystery 4 Traditional