21. Nov, 2021

A Century Of Events

I’ve been meaning to come over to Bromley for a long time now but never actually managed it. There are a good number of CMs and two Wherigos.🤫 So a few weeks ago, I decided that I would come here today and arrange an event as well. This would work on nicely because I had planned that this would be my one hundredth event and the thirtieth event that I had hosted.

I presumed that there would be a lot of street lighting here so I got here about a half an hour before dawn. I had heard that street parking was free up until ten o’clock on a Sunday so I picked out the nearest bay to the start of the Bygone Bromley wherigo. Luckily there was a CM multi nearby so I did that on the way.😀

I set off on the wherigo route visiting twenty historic spots in the town. Unfortunately in places, the zone was so tight that I was moving a step at a time to gain access. I gave up on H.G. Wells’s school and found that the info was missing for the next zone. I resolved this by consulting Mr Google’s almanac.🤫

If I remembered rightly, I would get the coords once I got into fifteen zones, but if I got all twenty, I would get the bonus. Two Wherigos was too good to miss so I went back to the missing zone which opened up immediately.🥴 I had spent ten minutes here earlier.☹️

I set off for the Bygone and when I reached the search area, someone had not been very well 🤮 near it but luckily the cache had been missed. As the bonus was some way off, I set off on a walking cache and dash. I found the CM ~ Methodist trad and then the CM ~ New Covenant multi. Unfortunately there wasn‘t a SideTracked cache here which would have been useful.

I made my way down to the wherIgo bonus and thankfully had a quick find. Next up was the CM ~ Parish multi followed by another at the CM ~ Town Church. It was getting close to 0845 when my event started so off I went.

I met SkiCycle outside and we went in. The long distance cacher wandafree arrived from York😀 and we found a large seated area downstairs. Sir-Lancelot and Guinevere arrived next followed by RubyShoos and anytar. Last but not least Bond2468 who popped in from his morning run.🥴

We sat chatting for ages about distances travelled to meetings and caches and I overheard some discreet questions about local mystery caches. I think we all had our eyes on the clock as the free parking ran out at ten. The meeting broke up and some of us went on to further caching and some were going home, I believe.🤔

I headed down to the old Watling Street adjacent to the A2 below Gravesend. I needed three more caches for the 2020 in Kent Challenge and there were three trads in a line here. First up was Singlewell Sparkes, then Just inside Watling Street, followed by the 5/5 DIRTY STINKING LIAR. I don’t see the point of the Liar caches. This one was a 1/1 at a stretch but I don’t make the rules, do I?

However that last cache qualified me for that 4/1.5 Challenge that I’d signed in the week down in Shoreham. So another challenge bites the dust. I only have another 165 that I have qualified for that I need to visit.🤔

It has just popped into mind that today’s event enabled me to claim the 5/2 The Ton Challenge Cache down near Kemsing and the 5/1 100 Events Attended Challenge Cache near Faversham. I had already signed the log sheet for these. I also qualified for the Diamond Event Host badge on Project.GC.😀

When checking my route home, I saw that I would pass through Greenhithe and I had time for the 4/2 The Spread Eagle mystery that I had failed at in the past. However I didn’t have any coords just the visual view of the search area but I went for it anyway. The cache which was previously MIA was a quick find.😀

1 Event 2 Wherigo 4 Multi 4 Mystery 4 Traditional