28. Nov, 2021


Cray, no not Robert Cray, that brilliant blues guitarist from Columbus, Georgia, it’s something much nearer to home. I’m visiting Cray, that area around the River Cray in South East London, you know where Crayford comes from. However, I’m not gracing the streets of that town this morning.

As usual, it’s an early call and drive through the tunnel to the first cache on my short list. It was going to be mainly multis this morning. I quickly sorted the CM St Paul’s Cray ~ Giggs Hill multi and moved on down the road to another multi, CM ~ Kings.

I drove down into what would have been the next village of St Mary’s Cray for more multis. I soon had the coords for the WM and after a quick find, tried for the VS multi. It was a long walk out to the final stage but I couldn’t find the cache.🥴 I walked back to the VS and took a photo of the plaque for future reference. I had worked out the CM...St Mary’s Cray ~ St Mary mystery some time ago and quickly found the well hidden cache thanks to the splendid hint.🐶

These late dawns are so annoying for me as I only have time for about ten caches.🙁 So time was already getting short so I drove down to St Andrew’s Church, Orpington for the CM multi. Luckily I had a quick find. It was now time for home but my route took me through Chelsfield. I had the WM multi on my solved list for a whIle and I was able to park across the road for a quick find. Whilst signing the log, I noticed that I was the first to sign for over a year.😀 Well, a resus cache is always welcome but on logging it on the official site, I see that quite a few people have claimed the cache recently. So there’s no resus for me.🙁🤔🙁🥴

1 Mystery 6 Multi