5. Dec, 2021

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The weather forecast looked very poor this morning but I spotted a clear window between the rain for Bromley for an early visit. I knew that I wouldn’t have any problems parking up until ten around the local area. It was a clear run through the tunnel with perhaps everyone staying at home because of the severe weather warning. I had a short list of caches and hoped that the weather would hold off.

It was raining on the way down but it miraculously stopped as I parked the car near to the Drinking Fountain and Trough - Widmore Green trad. I had a quick find and set off up the hill to the outskirts of Bromley. I sorted out the CM...Bromley - St Joseph multi and carried on up the Plaistow Road to collect the VS Sundridge Park mystery.

I wonder how they pronounce “Plaistow“ around here. My auntie Lulu lived in Balaam Street, Plaistow in East London. Around there it was pronounced “Plasto” and that’s how I would always say it.😀

I dropped south from Plaistow down College Road to find the CM...Bromley - St Mary multi and then cut back towards Plaistow Lane for the CM...Trinity Bromley multi with its impressive tower and spire. Just around the corner was another multi at CM...Bromley - St John the Evangelist. Some members of the early morning congregation were picking up litter from the front of the church and didn’t bother about me too much although they did return my “good morning” greetings.

I had to drive west across town to reach the next multi at CM...Bromley - Christ Church. Still no rain as I parked up near the church. I soon plotted some coords and then set off for the final stage. For some reason I read the hint as “Don’t Step Here” but the coords were spot on and the re-read hint quickly made sense.

I reckoned that I had enough time to get down to the CM...Shortland multi but there were a couple of interesting caches en route that I had to try. The Prime Directive mystery had been solved at home and was soon spotted despite the lack of a hint. The intriguing Belly Button Bromley trad was next up. This was very cleverly placed but no problem for an experienced cacher. I could see why others had had DNFs recently.

I was left with CM...Shortlands. I must admit that I struggled here with this simple puzzle. The CO warns about ending up in someone’s garden but I was shrewd enough not to trespass.🤔 One day I will know my West from my elbow.😀

2 Mystery 2 Traditional 6 Multi