8. Dec, 2021


I had big plans for today. There were four Wherigo caches around Woking and if I found these, I would reach my century of Wherigos. I would then work my way down to Guildford for a nice line of Challenges. Lights off was 0750 so I set off early enough to get around the M25 for just before then.

I was slowed down a bit going over the QE2 Bridge. Two lorries had broken down in the West Tunnel but why would that cause a problem for Kent bound traffic.🤔 I carried on without problem and was just going past the Clackett Lane Services when suddenly my satnav suddenly pinged its ETA from 0800 to 0900.🤬🤬 I was passing by a road information board which was showing that there was a rolling road block further on up the M25.

I decided that I was better off away from the stationary traffic and do a bit of caching until it all died down. I pulled off the motorway and drove through Godstone until I could find a spot to park up and re-evaluate the day. There were a couple of caches in nearby Bletchingley that I could try for, so I set off.

Just to add to the start to the day, I couldn’t find the CM trad but I had more luck at the VH multi. I had a bit of a plan to continue along the A25 doing some cache n’dashes but the traffic was busy and I couldn’t find any parking places. I got fed up with this and turned off towards South Nutfield. I picked up the Anyone Seen Timmy? trad and saw that Earlswood was nearby. I had failed at a CM here some time ago.

I had to re-work the CM...Earlswood ~ Baptist multi and walked down to the search area. I was pleased to turn the frown into a smile. I was going to pick up some more local caches but decided that the four Wherigo caches were the most important caches of the day. As long as I found those, I would be happy and Guildford would have to wait until next week. So I set the satnav for Woking and set off.

I parked at the designated parking spot just down the road to The Muslim Burial Ground and Peace Garden just after ten. There was a reverse Wherigo here and I had to find some info to open up the cartridge. I inputted the the numbers ok and then gave me a distance of 26.3 km🥴 I knew that this couldn’t be right so downloaded the cartridge again and input the numbers again only to find that I only put five numbers in the top line🤯 Once I had some decent distances, I wandered around for a short while until I worked out where the final stage was. I had a quick find thanks to the spot on coords and the hint.

I was getting rather hungry and thirsty so decided to visit Woking for the first time ever. I wanted to be central so as to have the best chance of food so I had to park in a multi storey carpark at the exorbitant rate of £1.50 an hour.

1 Mystery 1 Virtual 3 Multi 4 Wherigo 9 Traditional