12. Dec, 2021


I was going to try to clear up the Bromley caches this morning so I parked up just before dawn in the free parking zone. My first cache of the day was to be the Bromley - Baptist mystery. I must admit that I couldn’t fathom this one so asked SkiCycle for a hint. Well, I had never come across that solution before and I will use it myself. Thanks Richard👍🏻 The cache was a quick find so I walked down to the Bromley Town Pump (Take Two) multi. This was MIA last time but I soon spotted the replacement.

I was then back to the motor for the short drive down to the CM Bromley ~ St Marks multi. The cache was another quick find and I passed the amusing sculpture in the photo on the way back.

It was back in the motor to the CM Bromley Common ~ Methodist multi. The CO had used a clever idea here and once I had some coords, I was on my way to a quick find. The VS Chatterton Village multi was close by but the info source eluded me for a while until I got the eureka moment.😀 After a quick find at the final stage, I was on the road again.

There was just one more CM to find in the area and that was Bromley Common ~ St Swithun’s. There was again a clever idea for the multi and an equally clever hint but the cache was soon spotted.

I was off to Tugmutton Common for the AdLab series. There was a bonus attached to this but there was another mystery nearby. I had solved Barretts last night and as I toured the park touching bases and gathering the info for the bonus, I took a short detour to add Barretts to the solved and found list.😀 Luckily the bonus cache was quite close to the last base. This also used an idea that I hadn’t come across so more food for thought.🤔

It was time to go home but my route took me past the VS Crofton multi so it was a case of silly not too. When I got to the sign I was sure that I had been here before 🤔 I worked out the coords and then realised that I already had them in my waypoints 🥴 I had a quick find in the search area to finish off the morning.

3 Mystery 5 AdLab 6 Multi