22. Dec, 2021

Cracking Caches, Gromit

The plan today is to increase my numbers of caches found in Hertfordshire so I‘m heading for the north of the county for a circular walk starting in Barkway. The main focus is just half of the No Cheese,Gromit series of mystery caches. I would strive to pick up whatever else was en route without too much deviation.

There was a free car park opposite the village hall so I parked up, booted up and set off. I found my first cache, the #001 NCG mystery at 0830 and the trad Barkway Pathway not long after. Now I’m not going to list every NCG cache as that would be too boring. As if this blog isn’t boring enough, so will only mention the other caches picked up on the way.

Between #4 and #5, I found the Gate Keeper Number 2 and the WM - Newsells trads and then found the Congratulations 1000 - Faraway mystery just after #6. Continuing along the route, the LB - Barley trad was found just after #10 and then a couple of mystery caches forced their way between #14 and #15. These were Congratulations 2000 - hertfordshireboy and Wallace’s Red Telephone.

I remember that I was walking along the road here but it didn’t last for long as I was back on the footpaths right up to #29 when the Cokenach Canter #1 - Under Starters Orders trad broke up the sequence. I was soon following Gromit again until just after #38 when the Congratulations 1000 - alicesheroes mystery and the BARKING DEER trad interrupted the flow.šŸ¤«

The next section was mainly along B roads with the caches following the same MO.šŸ™ I was beginning to flag a bit but I got to the Cambridge Road which would lead me back into Barkway. There was another trad here, anti-gravity hill but perhaps I was tired as I didn’t grasp the context here but the cache was a quick find though.šŸ˜€

I followed the Cambridge Road into Barkway where I picked up my final Gromit of the day, #56. I wasn’t finished as I had a couple more mysteries to find. I soon had VHs - Barkway and WM - Barkway in the bag and my caching day was done. However I had spotted a florist cum coffee shop just down the road and thankfully it was open. Coffee beckoned and I also chose a thick slice of rich Christmas cake to help me celebrate the day.

7 Traditional 61 Mystery