10. Jan, 2022

Ticking Boxes One

As I mentioned in my last blog, I am making sure that I find at least one multi and a mystery each time I go caching. This has a challenge basis to it, of course, as I’m working on 365 finds for both icons. The 10th January has a blank space so I am making a special journey out today to tick the box.

I looked for the nearest unfound pair and planned from there so here’s how things went. There was still part of the SpongeBob series of mysteries that I hadn’t gone for and the nearest one was over at Navestock Common on the other side of Brentwood. There was also a multi at CM - Bentley Common ~ St Paul’s that I had solved and didn’t have time to collect.

So I drove over to Navestock and picked up #102 of the SpongeBob’s and then drove back the mile or so to the Church where I quickly found the prize. I still had a bit of time to kill and was going to go to Ingatestone as there were a lot of caches put out by TurnyT.

I drove around the back doubles that I used to use when I worked at Ongar Radio Station and came out near Mountnessing windmill on the old A12. I remembered that there was a trad here so it would be silly to pass it by.🤫 I drove on down the old roman road and down to the railway station for the ST Ingatestone trad. Returning to the main road, I parked up and quickly found the CM - Ingatestone ~ URC trad.

i spent about thirty minutes walking around the town gathering information on three multis. I would be saving these for another time.😀 Dusk was approaching somit was time to head for home and I went back down to Mountnessing so I could turn towards Billericay. As luck would have it, I had to pass the Water Tower  - Mountnessing trad. There had been a cache here before but it had been archived. The replacement was quickly found and it was off to home.

1 Multi 2 Mystery 4 Traditional