11. Jan, 2022

Ticking Boxes Two

Following on from the need to tick a few dates in the calendar for mystery and multi finds, I’m out early today to find a couple more. I have identified a pair in the middle of Chelmsford by the River Chelmer. One is the VS Chelmsford mystery that I have had solved for a couple of years. The other is the FYI - Chelmsford Gasholders multi that I have actually DNFed.

So I parked up early in Mildmay Road opposite the house that has all the metalwork panels such as the one shown in the photo and walked up to the river bank. Unfortunately the multi was missing again so I crossed the river a couple of times to get down to the mystery. This one was elusive but I eventually spotted where it was thanks to my torch.🔦 Even though I could see the cache, I couldn’t extract it.🥴 In the end, I used sticks as a pair of chopsticks for the cache in hand.

Now I had a dilemma, I had the mystery but still needed the multi. Luckily I had lined up three of them yesterday so I decide to brave the rush hour traffic and head over to Ingatestone. The nearest multi was the one for the Village Hall. The quick find here was a compensation for the loss in Chelmsford.😀 So it’s job done and I‘m off home for breakfast.

1 Multi 1 Mystery