23. Jan, 2022

It’s not the Lake District or Wales or Scotland🤔

It’s early on a Sunday morning so it’s back to basics - multi, mystery and more caches in Greater London. However the first two are actually in Kent and first up is the Horrible Histories multi in Wilmington. It’s actually based on a PoW camp that was based here during WW2. 

With this one bagged, I drove the short distance down to Swanley Village for the I Love It!, B Good, B Very Good mystery. I had solved this a couple of years ago and it’s based on vitamins from memory.🤔 I had a quick find at a place that I had passed many times before.🙄

I now set off to St Mary’s Cray for WM (Nash) multI that I had again solved sometime ago. This was another clever placement. Now I was off to the Lake District but it wasn’t.🤔 It was a series of caches based on local street names eg It’s not the Lake District - Ambleside. This series then morphed into two similar series based on Welsh and Scottish towns. They were all very easy trads but a lot of the hints were clever and amusing.

Following that, I had a bit of time left for a few of the Woo’s Wingle series of trads. All easy stuff but my Greater London numbers were bumped up though.👍🏻

2 Multi 1 Mystery 18 Traditional