27. Jan, 2022

Village Hall Week

I’m sure that you have all heard of the Village Hall series which is spreading over the country. Steered by Geo Jaxx, it is becoming very popular. For the last couple of years, she has tied the series up with the national Village Halls Week, promoted by local councils, the W.I. and other bodies to publicise the use of local village halls.

Geo Jaxx has issued a number of souvenirs for finding a VHs cache, attending a VHs meeting, even taking a selfie outside a village hall. I found a VHs cache yesterday so I‘m attending a VHs meeting today in a pub in Leigh-on-Sea.

I entered the pub and saw Cunning Murrell aka Scarecrow Rog and his brother TractorAndy at the bar and had a giggle with them. I left them and went to the reserved area where the rest of the attendees had gathered. I spotted Neil from NeilandJen and chatted to him for a while and then spotted an unfamiliar face. I wandered over and introduced myself.

I found myself talking to Tarmo aka metroboy2011 who originated from Estonia and has lived in Southend for the past ten years. He has only been caching for a short time but we were able to talk about caching in Tallin, the capital of Estoni.He was pleased that I had visited his country. We chatted so intently that we missed the call for the photo so that only the tops of our heads were showing.

Time flew by quicker than I had managed and quickly popped round saying hello and goodbye to everyone. It was great to finally catch up with the locals after all this time.

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