30. Jan, 2022

Another Day, Another Event - Chislehurst

It’s Sunday morning again and here’s the plan - pick up a mystery and a multi as well as getting to Chislehurst for another Village Hall Week event. Unfortunately gettable mysteries were a bit thin on the ground in the area that I wanted to be in so it was going to be tricky. Here‘s how things went.

I drove into what turned out to be a blind alley on the outskirts of Swanley just before dawn and it was a bit misty. I was able to park up alright and I started searching for the 006. NHS: Ward Clerks mystery using a torch. The problem was that the last finders had replaced the cache and I’m not entirely sure that it was as per the hint. I was concerned that this was going to be a DNF but after what seemed an age, I found the well hidden cache.😀 A driving test examiner would have been impressed with me as I completed a fifty point turn in the narrow lane.🥴

My next point of call was a cache that had been on my solved list for a while - the CM Blendon - St James multi. I soon spotted this one which had been placed on a linear walk alongside a brook. There were some trad caches on this walk including the cunning 3/1.5 Banged Up and Carniverous Tree. The latter was a git to find. I ended up climbing down and standing on mud at the edge of the brook to retrieve the cache.🥴

I headed off to Chislehurst and parked up near the library where I spotted the intent reader. I walked up Whitmore Hill to the Drinking Fountain and Trough multi. In hindsight, I could have parked closer and saved some time. It didn’t helped that I cocked up the sums and explored more of Chislehurst than necessary but I did eventually find the cache.

I had lost so much time that coffee was out of the question plus some other caches that I had lined up.🥴 I drove the mile down the hill to the event and said hello to some familiar faces - SkiCycle, who was the host, Sir Lancelot and his lady, and Rubyshoos. Ruby said that she had visited Cambridge yester and found some of the caches that I had during the week.😀

I did chat to some new faces and spotted Maaattmoo in the crowd. The host had published a VHs multi this morning so I was able to solve that and find it before I headed for home.😀

1 Event 1 Mystery 3 Multi 4 Traditional