9. Feb, 2022

All About A Challenge

I’m still fretting about getting all the necessary icons down in Surrey and I also need to reduce the number of Challenge caches on my qualified list before some of them get archived but not necessarily those that I am after today. I decided to go to the far side of Surrey to pick up the All About A Challenge series and hopefully find an Earthcache into the bargain.

So I set off really early hoping to miss the M25 and M3 rush hour traffic. I would actually be starting in Hampshire working my way back. I parked  up near to  the 4/1.5 All About A Challenge #6 - Key of the Door just before dawn. The idea of the series was to collect a number of caches along a theme. In this case it‘s caches with each of the numbers up to 21 in the title. It‘s a clever idea for a series and other themes are English and Welsh counties, snooker, supermarket items and CMs.

Anyway I claimed the key of the door and moved on to #7 ~ Everest. I found the cache but couldn’t claim the cache as I’m still a couple of thousand feet from the summit. I drove on to Cove and found a couple of CM multis there and carried on into Farnborough.

I had mixed fortunes here. I found some CM trads but missed out on one multi before moving on up the road to Hawley. I was after the Really MINI SideTracked - Farnborough Green mystery which was located near the car park for the Hawley Meadows Country Park. This was quickly found and there were two more challenges here - the 4.5/1.5  #9 Foreign Travel 1 and the 4.5/1.5 #10 Foreign Travel 2. These would mean a trek around the park but there was also a small series of trads here so I picked these up as well.πŸ˜€ 

Now I was In Camberley and definitely Surrey.πŸ€” I drove through the town looking for somewhere to park and ended up near Krooner Park, the home of Camberley Town FC. There was a multi here from a series that I hadn’t encountered before - the Football Micro series. I found the cache and headed back to the High Street for brunch.πŸ˜€

Fed and watered, I dropped down into Frimley and continued with some of the challenges. First up was #1 - The Series, a 4/1, followed by the 4/1.5 #2 - Motorway Madness. Just around the corner to the latter was a trad in another series that I hadn’t come across - Cricket Pitch Micro ~ Camberley.

From here I dropped down into Frimley for the How the earth was made EC. This wasn’t particularly educational or informative but it fulfilled a need.πŸ€” Close by was another Post Code trad was GU19 so silly not too.

I now worked my way up into Bagshot picking up more of the All About A Challenge series. First up  was the 3/1.5  #4 - Full Steam Ahead and then the similarly rated #3 - Supermarket Sweep. Moving up a notch, I then found the 4/1 #11 A Building Bounty and another 4/1, the #8 - Eight Counties.

I was all set for the last one of the series, my favourite, the 4/1.5 #5 - Snookered. This was a classic challenge based on a snooker game. So find a cache with RED in the title and then one with BLACK in the title. Do this another fourteen times and then follow on with the colours - YELLOW, GREEN, BROWN, BLUE, PINK and BLACK. This one took a lot of planning to build the 147 break and here is a part of my log entry.

The old red telephone box 0009 (Little Oakley) - GC2F4XG - 23.3.17 - djscreech
No 12 Kiki’s Family Stroll (The Black Bullet) - GC2KPX3 - 19.2.17 - Blue Punch

rest for applauseπŸ˜€

The Yellow Jersey Club - GC62N2W - 26.9.15 - grobo59
Something Green - GC540ZP - 1.1.15 - pbnicola
Waka Waka! It’s Not Easy Being Brown - GC77Z4T - 17.1.19 - CoweyFamily
Blue Flag - GC1RM4G - 10.8.16 - Peanuts Folly 
Pink Cat - GC5YDV9 - 3.7.15 - alexchambers

deep breath, keep calm

Mr Crabby’s Blackwater Rail Trail Cache #2 - GC54C99 - 28.1.16 - CrazyHedgehogs

bask in the applause πŸ˜€

I was really elated to find this one but I soon came back down to earth and drove down the road to Bagshot. I found two more multis - WM ~ Bagshot and then another Football Micro series ~ Bagshot Football Club. It was here that I heard the faint drumming of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. I scanned the tree tops and soon spotted the small thrush sized woodpecker, a rare treat.πŸ˜€ There was just time for one more cache, another Post Code trad, GU19.

1 Earthcache 5 Multi 8 Traditional 11 Mystery