13. Feb, 2022


It’s not Nottingham but Mottingham, a place just inside South East London but outside the South Circular, that I have only heard about recently. I spotted an abundance of multis here which turned out to be CMs do I wanted to gather them in. 

Mottingham is just off the A20 and there were a number of other caches nearby. So I whizzed up the A20 and was turning into New Eltham just before sparrows, as Barry McKenzie, that comic strip larrikin from the 70s Private Eye, used to say. 

There was a small series of five trads - on the border here. I quickly found four of them and moved on for two more trads, the ST ~ New Eltham and VS ~ New Eltham. There were two more caches nearby, the VS ~ New Eltham (Clare Corner) and then the Drinking Fountain and Trough (Clare Corner) multi. Near the final stage of the multi was another of those knitted tea cosy tops for post boxes that are popping up all over the place.😀

Next up was CM - Eltham ~ URC. This trad was quickly found but I had no joy at ST - Mottingham though.🥴 There was a compensation trade  cache in a park across the road where I found Doing Doughnuts - The Tarn. I remember seeing a pair of Egyptian Geese on the lake or was it tarn here. I thought that a tarn was a mountain lake.🤔

Now I was close enough to tackle the Mottingham multis.😀 In quick time I found the two VS caches plus the CMs ~ St Andrews and Methodist. As a parting finale, I also picked up CM ~ Our Lady, a trad.

5 Multi 10 Traditional