20. Feb, 2022

Crofton Woods

It’s Sunday morning, I have a couple of hours and I’m eager to bump up my Greater London numbers. I spotted some woods near Orpington that had a mixed series of caches that looked doable. I might have time for a few drive by caches afterwards. The only problem was that there had been a good few days of heavy rain and high winds were expected that morning. I’m going for it but wellington boots are going to be an essential tool of the trade, this morning.

I parked in the suggested parking place and set off on the CSW series. The boots were a wise choice.🥴 I squelched around the woods collecting trads, a couple of multis and a mystery to the list. Luckily the rain and wind held off and I even picked up a stray multi - CW2. Kyd Brook on the way.

I made it back to the car and had time for a couple of drive by caches. The CM...Crofton ~ Baptist mult was the first to fall. I noticed that there was a trad a short walk away so Crofton open space was added to the list too. I was cutting it fine but I was passing CM...Orpington ~ St Paul’s so it was definitely a case of “silly not too.” 

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the cache but on reading previous logs, I noted that the cache had a habit of falling to the ground. Et voila! I got the church to do a quick pose for the camera and I was on my way.😀

1 Mystery 3 Multi 11 Traditional