27. Feb, 2022

Cross Ness

Q : Who was the last person to cross Ness?

I‘m still on my mission to boost my Greater London numbers and spotted this small series of trads in the Crossness Southern Marsh nature reserve which sits just inside the Greater London/Kentish border in the Erith Marshes. I had read in previous logs that it can get very wet over there so today, I shall mainly be wearing wellingtons.

I started out early and was parking the car in the suggested spot at dawn. It was dry and not so wet underfoot so I picked up CSM #1 at 0701 and made good progress up to CSM #5. It was at #6 - Birdwatch Clamber that the problems started. I would have needed waders to cross the body of water that greeted me.🥴 I tried to go around it, work my way through bushes to get into the final stage but no luck so I gave up on that one.

I reached #8 but #6 was still playing on my mind.🤔 I decided to walk the 300 yards down Eastern Way to this one to see if I could get to it from this side. I spotted something that could have been the hint item but there wasn’t a cache or a log sheet 🤔 I sent a photo to the CO who confirmed that it was the outer container so I have put a replacement cache and log sheet in place and claimed the cache.😀

I walked back to #8 and continued on the series locating more cunning caches in the reserve until I had to leave the serenity and rejoin the real world.🤔 The rest of the series took me along footpaths through housing estates until I reached the end cache CSM #15 Little and Large. It was now 0918 and further plans for caches would have to be left for another day.😀

A : Alphonse Gabriel Capone

15 Traditional