8. Mar, 2022

Challenges, Challenges, Challenges

I qualified for The Great Date Challenge some time ago. All I had to do was to find 12 puzzles but not challenges, bonuses or night caches though. Just one cache for each month, and each one must be on the same day of the month. I had achieved this by finding a puzzle on the 8th day of each month over the year. 

Couple this with the fact that the cache is close to a series of challenges - Challenge Cache Challenge and today‘s the 8th, guess where I am going?🤔 

That‘s right, Seale near Guildford in Surrey. I was parked up early at the suggested parking spot for all the challenges and set off down Toft Lane to the 5/1.5 Great Date Challenge. It was an easy find so I walked back to the car and headed east up hill towards the 5/2.5 CCC - Diamond. The qualification for the CCC series was to find increasing amounts of challenge caches. Diamond is the top cache in the series and needs 125 challenges found to qualify and I have 337.😀

Diamond was an easy find so it was back down the sandy track to the car and head south for Platinum. This was a 4.5/3.5 and much more difficult as it was up a tree which I couldn’t climb. However, I wasn’t beaten. As Sergeant Tom “Gunny” Highway says in the film Heartbreak Ridge “You Improvise, You Overcome, You Adapt” and I did.😀

Again I had to get back to the car and then head west. I added Brass, the 4/1.5 Gold and Silver to the list, deciding that Bronze would be easier to get at from Seale. However I had to drive through Seale to get to the 4/2.5 Geocaching Name Challenge. I ended up in a dead end with enough room to turn around so parked up and walked down the track for a tricky find. There was a 3/3 What goes up... trad nearby which seemed to cause cachers a problem as it maybe on private property. I found a path out to it though. I kept looking up but the clever cache was laying on the ground. 🤔 I carried out the admin duties and left the cache as I had found it.

I drove back into Seale and parked up near the War Memorial. I swiftly sorted out the CM Seale ~ St Lawrence multi and then walked up the road to collect the 3/1.5 Bronze, the last of the CCC series.

 I then proceeded on a drive through the villages collecting a number of caches. In Puttenham, I found the FP trad and the CM ~ St John multi. I only had the CM - St Bart’s multi to sort out in Wanborough before landing near the County Hospital in Guildford. There were a couple of mysteries in a wood nearby that I was after and I soon found It‘s a gas and its sequel, It’s more gas! I had topass the dark v light trad on the way back to the car so silly not to.😀

Having stretched my legs, I embarked on another series of village drive-bys visiting Park Barn for the CM multi, Westborough for another CM multi and then Stoughton for yet another multi at the CM ~ Methodist. Sutton Park added another CM but this time a trad and then a mystery at the delightful CM at Sutton Green, shown in the photo.

I now changed tack completely and drove up to Godstone for the 30 in a day (with a triple twist) Challenge Cache. It was a 3/3.5 and all you have to do is to find 30 caches in a day but there must be at least three different cache types, three different cache sizes and three different owners. It sounds easy when you say it quick.🥴

I then drove further on the way home, pulling off the M25 at J4 for Swanley but heading a short distance down the A20 towards Farningham. I parked up just off the first roundabout and walked over onto the Pedham Place Golf Course. There were three high D/T challenges here but I only qualified for one of them. The 4/2.5 125 Challenge meant finding a cache in 125 different counties. I have 136 so I could claim that one but I have some way to go for the 225. As for the 4/2 Fibonacci Country County Challeng, I have next to no chance but never say never.😀

4 Traditional 6 Multi 13 Mystery