21. Mar, 2022


I was given a gift of a day boat hire on the Grand Union Canal in Northamptonshire from the family some time ago. It was so long ago, I can’t remember if it was for my birthday or Father’s Day.😀 I wanted to make a weekend of it so we arranged a family trip for a few days.

We met up at Gayton Marina and after our safety and boat instruction, we intrepidly set off. We made our way up towards Bugbrooke and decided to have lunch at The Wharf pub. I had a pint of Phipps and it was the best beer that I have had for a long time. Always looking for a chance of a geocache, I noticed that there was a trad, Bridge 36 on the other side of the canal. I had a quick find of my sole cache of the day.

We stayed in a Premier Inn at Billing Aquadrome and the next morning I had an hour to myself so I set off up the road to CM ~ Great Billing. It was pretty crisp underfoot and my feet got wet traipsing around gathering information for the multi. It was good that I found it as I needed a multi for today. I noted a trad at the head of the road so Crazy Cache Lady’s Cache #3 was added to the list.

Next morning, we set off for home but I took the opportunity to detour into Earls Barton. There was a jigsaw mystery here at the CM that I had solved just in case and I quickly spotted the well hidden cache. 

As I headed home, I realised that I needed another multi today to meet the requirements of that a month of multis challenge. I was thinking about it on the way home and the nearest unfound one to me (apart from the Chirp in Benfleet which doesn’t count) was Vanguard3.

This cache commemorates a collision between two B17 Flying Fortress bombers in 1944. It is fitting that a tribute has been put out for Bob, a Geocaching character par excellence, who was kind to me when I started Geocaching. RIP Bob

2 Multi I Mystery 2 Traditional