1. Apr, 2022

North Herts

It’s April Fool‘s Day but there’s nothing foolish about my plans for the day. I’m heading up to North Hertfordshire to add some more to my County cache stats. There’s a GeoArt series up here called One in a Minion and it straddles the Herts/Beds border so I had spent some time checking the county lines to make sure that didn’t stray too much into Bedfordshire. Here’s how the day panned out.😀

I picked up one of the Congratulations series, this time for BHA Loyal just before seven and then drove the short distrance up the road into Ashwell. I parked up in the deserted High Street outside the Three Tuns pub and after booting up walked down into the Ashwell Springs to start the AdLab series here. There was a lot of information in a very short area so the series was soon completed and the bonus cache quickly found.

I walked up the High Street picking up the FP trad and then the trad at CM - St Mary’s. I sorted out the requirements of the CM - Baptist multi and set off for the final stage. This coincided with where I was going to start on the One in a Minion series. Another coincidence was that the strap broke on my geobag but aft some running repairs, I was fit to go.😀

I started at #31, followed quickly by #32 and then I broke off to collect another Little Bridges mystery Ashwell (2). Continuing north, I picked up more Minions until I hit the county line and then walked west up to #59 where I thought the border was.🤔 I did carry on into Beds until I reached the Millow Road as there were two more Congratulations mysteries for Tbear186 and Igrushka. All I had to do now was to turn around and walk back for about 1.5k to the next cache.

This was Congratulations 1000 - heidirose4789. Continuing with the Minions, I found #12, then #13 and then had my first DNF of the day at #14. I looked and I looked but no joy. 🙁 I carried on back into Ashwell ticking off Minions until I reached #29 which was as much of the series that I was going to do today. There was another Congratulations mystery near here for tremar so I walked the hundred yards or so up to the search area only for the heavens to start jettisoning sleet in bucket loads. Luckily this didn’t last for long until the sun reappeared.😀

I walked up to the Three Tuns and debooted. I was after coffee and soon spotted a splendid little coffee shop called Rhubarb and Mustard. After coffee and an Apple Bakewell tart plus a little rest, I went back to the car and set off on a circular cache & dash route. I started with the 3.5/2.5 Ashwell Clock 2 mystery and found two more of the Congratulations series before adding another trad to the list. There were two more Congratulations caches nearby so I found these and headed back into Ashwell.

I had worked out some multis earlier so it was time to collect. The CM - URC was first followed by the VS. I had pieced together the VHs - Ashwell jigsaw some time ago and today it was a quick find. 

It was time to head for home but the best route would take me through Bygrave, a village just a couple of miles down the road. Luckily for me, there were two trads and three more Congrats mysteries on route. Silly not too, wasn’t it.😀

3 Multi 5 AdLab 6 Traditional 64 Mystery