11. Apr, 2022

CRN - 10th April

This morning I am heading over to Erith to continue building up my Greater London numbers. I started off early as usual and was sorting out the Leisure Time multi as dawn broke. I drove around the corner to the centre of town and parked up near to the Erith Art - Earth Core Columns multi. This one had eluded me last week but I got to the core of the problem and then eventually found the well placed cache at the final stage. The next one on my list was another of the Erith Art series but this time, it was the Cob trad.

I was off to the Crossness Nature Reserve next for another circular series. There were mainly trads  with one multi tucked in. I parked up near some huge buildings. There was no inkling of what they could be.They looked too big for warehousing, an Anerobic Digester maybe. 🤔

I walked along the sea wall but technically it was the River Thames here but I couldn’t find #1 but this turned out to be MIA. #2 was the multi which was soon sorted and then I left the sea wall area and headed into the reserve. 

It was Warbler Central here this morning. I heard Sedge, Reed, Cetti’s Warbler as well as ChiffChaff plus many other species of bird. I worked my way around the series with the highlight being the 3,5/2 #6 . This consisted of a number of plugs and sockets. Luckily there was also a Phillips screwdriver to use to open everything up to locate the log sheet. I managed to miss out first time around but found it on the second pass.😀

Unfortunately #7, the last one of the series, was missing or my arm wasn’t long enough to reach down the tube to reach the cache.🙁 I had to make do with the Erith Art - O trad on the way home.

3 Multi 7 Traditional