3. May, 2022


It’s bump up my Hertfordshire numbers day so I’m not going for high D/Ts just a couple of series of trads with a few more singletons chucked in.

I was starting in Hadham Cross to the east of Bishop‘s Stortford which is near the western boundary of Herts. I was going to walk the Lottie‘s little look around series of twelve caches. When my Nan lived at 56 Cephas Street in Stepney Green, her doctor was a Dr. Lottie. Whether that was a surname or a christian name, I never knew but I’m reminded of Dr Lottie, and Mickey cake, and bagels, and coal ‘oles.😀

Once I had completed the circular dozen, I picked up a couple more trads on the way to Little Hadham for the sixteen trad Loop plus the bonus cache. The caches ranged from 1.5/1.5 to 3/3 and I found them all bar one, even the plastic rodent at the EXTRA cache.🥴

I had to pay for parking in Stortford but it was reasonable for a change. After a lunch in Cafe Nero, I followed all the bases for the Wombles on Tour AdLab series even grabbing the bonus for this one too. 

I had solved the Open All Hours letterbox some time ago and I expected it to be in a bookshop. Well it sort of was but the kind that you just borrow the books. As I have a multi with the final stage ending in a library I was keen to see how it panned out. I had the Dewey code from the cache puzzle and the code to open the box. Do you remember that old television programme “Take Your Pick” with Michael Miles hosting - you didn’t say yes, did you?🤣 After collecting the prize, it was back to the motor for a few more trad drive bys around town and then home in forty minutes.😀

1 Letterbox 2 Mystery 5 AdLab 36 Traditional