4. May, 2022

What, Tyler?

I had a spare hour so decided to go for a walk around the nearby Wat Tyler Country Park, named after the leader of the Peasants Revolt in 1381, who allegedly lived across the marshes in Fobbing. There were a couple of new trads here so I decided to take them in on route.

I had spent a lot of time birdwatching in the park and the first cache was the 3/1.5 Jess’s Jewel near a new hide overlooking what we would called the Fleet. The cache was quickly found but oh, how I wish that I had brought my tweezers with me.🥴 It took me about ten minutes to get the tightly wrapped log sheet out of the false bolt. In fact, I thought that I would have to come back.

Just over the sea wall is an old light ship which was once used as the headquarters of the local yacht club but is now just a rotting hulk. It was originally Trinity House LV44 built in the 1840s. Oystercatchers nest on the decks here so it still has its uses.

I walked around the cinder track around the park to the 2/3 Wat Tyler Scenic View which overlooked Timberman’s Creek. I looked for the cache for another ten minutes giving respect to the D/T. If I had treated it as the 1/1 rating it deserved, I’d have found it a lot quicker.🤔

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