8. May, 2022

Tidying Up

This morning I want to tidy up the rest of the CNR series which is Thames side, just north of Erith. I had failed to find two trads here a couple of weeks ago but it turns out that they were both MIA.

As I had been here before I knew where to park and as dawn broke, I was walking down the track to CNR #7 - Pharaoh’s Tomb. I had tools with me this time but I didn’t need them as the cache had been rebuilt recently.😀 I drove to the end of the road and parked up near the Belvedere Power Station. I had wondered what this establishment was last time but I now knew that it was a waste to energy power station capable of generating up to 60 MW.🤔 I walked down the sea wall to CNR #1 - Step Up and had another quick find of this replacement cache.

I now set about tidying up some more of the series around here that I had partially done. On the way down to Erith I found the FS #44 - Fire!!! trad and then the last of the C&D Erith series, #4. I then picked up the remaining three of the Woo’s Wingle series of trads and suddenly I was on new ground.

I had seen the Lockdown Learners series of eight trads and multis pop up during lockdown so it was time to give these a try. They were all drive bys but unfortunately #4 was missing in action.🙁

I was heading towards Bexleyheath now and found the Look what you could have won trad on the way. The CM Bexleyheath ~ St Thomas More trad was an easy find. A new WM multi in East Wickham had popped up recently so I had to give this one a go. As I drove past the place where the multi was, I was surprised to see a Greek Orthodox priest. I realised that I had been here before. The Welling Greek Orthodox Church was here and I had visited previously for the Earthcache base on the church itself.

I solved the puzzle and headed to the search area for a quick find. As time was getting on, I had enough time to scoot over to the ST trad at Welling Station. I parked in the carpark of the nearby Tesco mini store and once I had found the cache, I eased my conscience by buying a Mars bar in the store.😀 

5 Multi 12 Traditional