24. May, 2022

Wash Out

Today I was going to back into Hertfordshire to add to my county list. I had spotted a circular series near Wood End appropriately called MattTom’s Wood End Wander. Forty nine trads with a reasonable D/T stretching over 12 miles seemed just about right. The walk could be broken down into three sections but today I’m going for the full monty. Here’s how things went.

I parked up in Wood End just gone seven, got prepped and set off. The 3/1.5 #1 was an easy find and so things carried on in that vein until I got to #8. Now this 4/2 hadn’t been found this year and I added myself to the long list of sad faces.

I was noticing that the D/Ts were not matching up to what I was finding on the ground. I was spending more time at each cache and when I failed to find #16, #17 and #18, I was getting fed up. I had noticed a recent comment in a log which just about summed up how I was feeling.

“Unfortunately due to less than accurate DT, poor GPS signal (considering a GPS) and tricky hides (well, I thought they were even if everyone else says easy find).” As I was feeling just like this and  I was at the end of section one, I called time on the Wander.

I drove over to Walkern. There was a decent amount of multis in the Walkern Walk series which I had solved ages ago so it seemed to be the time to do it. I parked up near the church and set off. I found the first two and walked up the hill to the third. I struggled here what with the GPS bouncing from side to side of the lane. 

For some reason I looked up at the sky and it was blackening. It was going to rain so I made the decision to head back to the car which was only a mile away. I got a few yards and there was an amazing fork of lightning. I thought count for the thunder but before I could get to one, BOOOM. I was directly under the storm. I ran for shelter and eased my way back to the car..... eventually.

Well it fell down and I had my lunch whilst I waited, hopefully, for the rain to stop. When the pounding on the car roof stopped, I headed north to Cromer and picked my way through the puddles to find the Windmill trad. 

I then started on a random tour of the local villages picking up VHs multis until I reached Sandon. I realised that I had been here before. I had started a series here maybe a couple of years but it must have been archived. There was also a trad CM here which must have been archived too. However there was a replacement CM now and I quickly added this one to the list. I went after the nearby VHs multi and once it was in the bag, I headed for home.

2 AdLab 6 Multi 17 Traditional