30. Jun, 2022

Back in the saddle again

After a very short break from caching, the phrase that popped into my mind was “back in the saddle again” this morning. You know, the 1939 classic western song by Gene Autrey. Then my mind wandered into the fact that I have walked, ran, crawled, paddled, climbed, driven, cycled, trained, bussed, canoed, boated, flown, ferried but never ridden a horse to get to a cache. Let a me work on that.🤔

I was going down to Farnborough near Orpington to have a go at Skicycle’s revitalised HEW series around the High Elms Country Park. However the first one on my list was going to be the 4/1.5 31 Days in August Challenge near Keston Village. I had been here before and knew that parking nearby was a bit of a git but I stood a chance getting here really early. I parked up near a school and walked through the woods to the search area. I had a real quick find to start the day.😀

I drove down to Keston Village and parked opposite the Greyhound PH. I was going to set off on the Keston Stroll but realised that the later stages were some distance away. So I went for the Knock on Wood trad and the Kenton VS puzzle before completing the first three stages of the AdLab. I drove down to the fifth 

1 Earthcache 1 Multi 1 Wherigo 5 AdLab 5 Mystery 33 Traditional