Caching Chronicles

19. Feb, 2020

Well, all my ducks are lined up, the TBs are still lurking in a cache up in Linton, so fingers crossed, I’m going for it. The Decathalon is about to start. I reckoned that the night attribute could cause me grief so I’d discounted the one in Royston and would go for the one in Hadleigh.

I parked just down the road from the Salvation Army Tea Rooms and quickly gathered the AMC - Take A Shot trad with the night attribute. I’m off, one down and nine to go. Tomorrow will be a very busy day, wish me luck.

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15. Feb, 2020

I had been meaning to arrange a breakfast meeting nearby and the general consensus amongst the local Geocaching fraternity pointed to it to being held at the Salvation Army Tea Rooms in Hadleigh. 

The premises didn’t open until ten so I got there early to pick up some of the caches that had been published in the nearby Hadleigh Country Park. I parked the car near the entrance to the Castle and quickly found the oddly named and terrifically over the top D/T rated trad Quick before the other people see secretive. As I walked away from the car park, I thought that I spotted a familiar face but I wasn’t sure.

As I reached the over-rated 4.5/3.5 My name is wine gums, the familiar face caught me up and it was catalinacrawford from Grays. We made a quick find of the cache and Michael found Beware of the Ghost Town that I had previously found. We finished the short walk at Andy and made our way back to the Tea Rooms. We parted company here and I walked up the road to check out where AMC - Take A Shot for another time. It is a trad with a night attribute.šŸ˜€

The event was well attended by about 30 local cachers and for once I managed to speak to everyone. There was one problem though. The Tea Rooms had not expected many customers today due to the the anticipated high winds. However we turned up and they ran out of bacon and mushrooms! šŸ¤”šŸ™šŸ¤Æ The good thing was that they wanted us to come back soon as long as we gave them a day’s notice.

Many thanks to Happileigh for the use of the photograph. šŸ‘šŸ»

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11. Feb, 2020

This is going to be a busy day. There is an event in Balsham, south of Cambridge today which I want to fit in with a day’s caching in East Cambridgeshire. 

Just one cache today, any sort, will qualify me for the Geostreaker Challenge but as usual, I’m juggling a few challenges. The main one that I’m looking at is the 2012 Decathalon Challenge. Based on 10 events in two days, I would have to find 20 caches in a series, 5 CMs, 5 Multis, 5 Mysteries, a 4D, a 4T, 5 new TBs, a night attribute and a cache with a D/T of over 7.šŸ¤” So I had been doing some planning and would start lining my ducks up today.

My initial plans were thwarted when reports of problems on the M11 came through. I decided to work my way up to Balsham via the back roads north of Braintree. I collected CMs, WMs, VSs and VHs along a route passing through the Salings, the Bardfields and the Camps. I even managed to find one of infinson’s 100 Years of the RAF mysteries.

I stopped in Hadstock, just inside the Essex border to check out the final of the new Heal The World series, a 4/2 mystery. After lining up my first duck, I drove up to Linton for the WM mystery. I spent a few minutes finding the info for a 4/4 reverse Wherigo on the outskirts of the village.

I was now off to the Old Butcher‘s Shop for tea with tangelou hosted by angelou666. There were so many little rooms in the cafe. I settled down on a sofa in a back room with my sausage bap and coffee to be joined by the host of the local conversational Italian meeting. Va Bene!

I only have a smattering of Italian but I held my own for a few minutes until it got busy so I left them to it to attend the meeting talking in a language that I was fully conversant with. The hour with angelou666, Mr and Mrs jollyquest and benjw1 went so quickly.

During the conversations, our host (Rory) mentioned that he was going to try for the reverse Wherigo after the meeting. I said that I had done a lot of the donkey work for that one so we quickly worked out the approximate search area for that one. Another bonus was that Rory had a stack of TBs that he wanted to get shot of and he was going to put them in the Wherigo cache as it was a Regular.šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€

We drove back into Linton and eventually got into the search area for the Wherigo. We had gleaned a further hint at the meeting and this proved most useful. Rory signed the logsheet and dropped off six TBs. I now knew where a 4T and a D/T of 8 was and if those TBs were still there next week, they would become gold dust to me. šŸ˜€ Rory and I then went off in different directions.

I made my way into Six Mile Bottom and found the ST and CM trads as well as the WM multi. By now, the strong winds and the rain were starting to get uncomfortable. However there were a few remaining caches from the EPP Challenge series down Heath Road just outside Burwell that I really wanted to finish so I drove down there before making for home.

I quickly found the RST Burwell and you know I hate to ask trads before collecting the final three mysteries in the EPP series. So it was an early finish for me but it was a wise move as the wind was blowing a Hooley now and I was glad to make it home.

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10. Feb, 2020

This Sunday and Monday, my time is very limited and the weather is rubbish anyway so I don’t want to be out for too long.

I drove down to the church on the boundary of Southend Airport to have a look for the CM Eastwood ~ St Laurence. This was a cunning multi and for a moment, I thought that the coords had me within the airport area. I‘m sure that I heard a story about a local cacher straying through a gap in the fence to look for this cache, only to be greeted by the airport boys in blue, wondering what she was doing.šŸ¤”

I wasn’t going to make that mistake, in fact, that tale made my search a little easier. This cache was clever, utilising an unusual host, well I’d never seen one like it before so it had to have a fave.šŸ‘

The next day, I ventured out towards the old Orsett Cock, once a very vibrant boozer with a blues club on a Sunday night. Now it’s an Indian restaurant like so many old pubs in Essex. I had come out here to pick up the last one in a series that I had found in October. This was the bonus and also a Mystery cache, lovely jubbly.šŸ˜€

I had the coords to the final stage already and once in the search area, I quickly found the quirky A1-to-8 “Bonus Bug” tucked away in its lair thanks to the subtle hint. So with regard to the Geostreaker Challenge, I had all the required icons and one more day to go. It’s lucky that I’m out caching all day tomorrow, isn’t it.šŸ˜€ 

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8. Feb, 2020

I received a call from my pal who lives in Latchingdon out on the Dengie this morning and I had to pop over there for an hour. On the way back, I was thinking about possible cache and dash caches to keep the streak running.šŸ¤”

Jubilee Walk in South Woodham Ferrers was a possibility but it was a recent DNF or there was the one in the new Sainsbury’s supermarket in town. However that was likely to be very busy this time of day. Right, try the former and if not, go for the latter.šŸ¤ž

I parked up just outside the industrial park and walked up the slope to the search area. I checked the hint, “behind the post” and started to search. There were many hint items but no cache found as yet. Then I had an idea and there was the very cunningly placed cache. Very tricky, in fact the next visitor failed to find it but it’s there folks.

Twelve down, three to go and I still need a Mystery cache.

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