25th October 2020

I’ve just finished my blog for October 20th - I Thought I’d Done It! Read about the highs and lows of today’s events.😀

16th October 2020

I‘ve just typed up my blog for Heal The World on the 14th October so I’m all up to date.😀

12 October 2020

I‘m all up to date.😀

3rd October 2020

I am up to date now. I added my blog for 1st October - Barely Bearley today.

25th September 2020

Today, I’ve brought myself up to date by finishing my blog for the 23rd - Sitting Bull.😀

24th September 2020

Today I’ve finished the blogs for :-

19th September - Lewes For The Day, and,

20th September - Moving the Coal Posts

17th September 2020

I‘m up to date with my blogs now. I‘ve just add the blog for 16th September - Hand Me That Brain

14th September 2020

Today, I have added my blogs for 10th September - The Winner Is... and

11th September - It‘s My Birthday.

12th September 2020

Today I have added my blogs for:-

2nd September - Have a Heart : Clap the NHS series, and

6th September - Radio X

5th September 2020

I have completed my blog for the 30th September - Alcock & Brown Cause Frown.

4th September 2020

Today I have added something in the Cache Chat section  - This Blog.

3rd September 2020

I‘ve added my blog for 27th August - Maldon Clear-Up.

1st September 2020

I added my blog for 23rd August - Take A Chance.

29th August 2020

I added my blog for the 19th August - Sudbury.

29th August 2020

This is a new page, which is just to let you know what I’ve added recently.

OI added some more to My Jasmer List a couple of days ago. I won’t be adding anything past the end of 2004 though otherwise it’ll become unwieldy.

I’ve just completed my blog for the 15th August - Souvenir Day.