Letting Off Steam

14. Jun, 2019

I don’t seem to be finding much spare time at home these days. Other things are getting in the way of my blogging.🙁

What I’ve been doing up to now, is to build up a day’s Geocaching outing in the logs as I go and then top and tail the final one and publish it in the blog. This method has to change as I’m getting further and further behind.

What I’m going to do is to write a shorter piece which will unfortunately lose a lot of the detail but will allow me to keep up to date. I’ll start with my last outing on Tuesday and catch up with the previous blogs as soon as I can.

I hope that’s ok with you.🤞

27. Mar, 2019

Premium cachers claiming Challenge cachers that they do not qualify for and nothing being done about it. Two examples:-

1. Someone with 58 caches claiming a cache requiring 500 foreign caches to qualify!

2. Someone else with 500 caches claiming a cache where the qualification is over 1000 caches!

I know that they are cheating themselves but it makes me so angry.🤯

23. Jan, 2019

Just the Geocaching one’s here, peeps, I thought that I had better write them down so I can remember them and check if I met them.

1. Definitely Quality not Quantity this year.

2. To complete my Jasmer list down to January 2001.

3. To increase my “81”to three in each grid.

4. To improve my D/T ration at least to 1.9 each.

5. To visit four new Geocaching countries.

I think they will keep me busy.🤔