Not the Daily Stuff

17. Feb, 2021

You often see written down in cache pages or in the hints - TOTT needed. Now is this a special tool to open a box, a lock or some other exotic cache container? I’ve decided to put some thoughts down here as I’m stuck indoors. What is on your TOTT list? Here’s what’s on mine.🤔

1. It has to be a writing implement. I probably have about six pens in my pocket plus another half dozen in my Geocaching bag.

2. A notebook is also another essential. Collating info to work out coords or even providing  emergency log sheet, paper is a prerequisite.

3. I always carry a pair of tweezers along with my pens. I have a spare couple with different points in my bag.

4. I have always found a telescopic magnet stick useful for retrieving magnet containers from tubes. It’s quite useful for hooking caches down from a high place. I bought my one from NE Geocaching at the last Kent Mega and well worth the four quid.

5. I have a screwdriver with interchangeable bits to overcome the problem of finding a Phillips head screw when I only have a slotted head driver.

6. A pair of pliers are always handy but the last time that they would have come in handy, I found that I’d taken them out of my Geocaching bag to do a job indoors.🥴

7. Of course a torch is always useful and I carry three with me, a small LED torch, an LED headtorch as well as a UV torch, which I’ve only used once. I always check the torches before I go out Caching after I found that two were dead when I definitely need a torch.🙁 I still need to go back for that WM multi.

I think that these are essential but I keep reading about log rollers, however, I’ve managed ok so far so do I need one.

So what else do I carry - spare logs and plastic pouches of various sizes



16. Feb, 2021

Laying in bed in the middle of the night and can’t get to sleep. So what do I do, get up and make a cup of tea. Well, I might as well plan my next Geocaching morning while I’m waiting for the tea to cool down a little.

I’m going over to Maldon but spot one of nathanjhunt‘s Letterbox caches in Woodham Ferrers that I have struggled with in the past. It’s a 4/1.5 and not to be sneezed at so I give it another whirl. It’s based on flags of the world and I actually identified then all but then hit a brick wall. I get half a hint in a previous log and realise that the hint isn’t actually shown on the page. It’s actually a missing part of a song title which is the name of this cache. Suddenly everything falls into place and I solved the puzzle😀

However, that got me into songs that would fit into Geocaching and my mind went into overtime think of suitable songs. So this morning, I researched a little and found that this had been a popular topic on the official Geocaching forum about 15 years ago. 🥴If only I’d discovered this great hobby, pastime, call it what you will. 

So my idea for a blog topic was scuppered but I’ll keep it in mind for the future. Will I become “The Hunter” written by Albert King  but first heard it played by John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers but not with Eric or ”The Wild Rover” (Traditional) but made popular by The Dubliners. Watch this space.🤔

24. Jan, 2021

As I’ve said before, I‘m trying to improve my blog. So, I’ve started checking the internet and there are sites out there list the top 50 Geocaching blogs in the world as well as the top 10 UK blogs. Needless to say that this blog is nowhere to be seen.

Checking out a few sites, I like the ones using Wordpress because they can insert many photos in the text to break it up a bit. I’ve started adding more photos to this site but I’m still not happy yet.🤔

17. Jan, 2021

I’m trying to improve the blog so I’m messing about with it. I’d like to add more photos to each blog but it seems I can’t do it with this host. Anyway, bear with me.🥴

1. Jan, 2021

Now these are entirely Covid dependent.

1. We have another cruise booked to Iceland taking in the Shetlands in July. Hopefully we can strike lucky here. If Covid has eased by Christmas, we hope to visit Lithuania or another Eastern European state that we haven’t been to, for a Christmas Market.

2. I need a 4.5/5 cache to complete my grid for the second time. I have one in mind but I’ll need these Covid tiers to ease a bit.

3. It’s the same for my English Counties list, if the tiers ease, I’ll find an excuse to visit Greater Manchester.

4. I want to drive my present D/T of 1.85/1.79 up a bit. My new idea is to only go for a cache if it is has at least a 2 in the D/T. However, I will always go for a series cache even if it’s the dreaded 1.5/1.5.