Letting Off Steam

4. Sep, 2020

The weekly stats for this blog came in today. During the last week the blog has been visited 2008 times, which is mind blowing.🤯 I had another look and since I started this up in August 2016, there have been 150,310 views.🤯🤯

However, only one person has ever commented on the blog. Perhaps that person has been doing all the reading. If you are reading this, please say hello.👍🏻


30. Dec, 2019

After failing on five out of six resolutions last year, should I play safe or aim high? All those unfulfilled resolutions will still be on the list.

1. I plan to visit the following new Geocaching countries next year - Portugal, Morocco, Gibraltar, Albania, Iceland and hopefully Lithuania.

2. I plan to complete all the English Counties by caching in the Isle of Wight and Greater Manchester. 

3. I plan to add the Shetland Islands and a few of the counties around Glasgow to my Scottish Counties list.

4. I want to bite a big chunk out of my solved Challenge Cache list, hopefully driving up my D/T ratio.

Watch this space!

30. Dec, 2019

1. Definitely Quality not Quantity this year.

Now that was the plan and I certainly concentrated on higher D/T caches and went after fewer trads.

2. To complete my Jasmer list down to January 2001.

I didn’t do this and still have 2/01 and 3/1 left to do. The highlight was a 6/01 in Budapest that took some real planning to get out to.

3. To increase my “81”to three in each grid.

I didn’t do this one either and couldn’t even complete 2 in each grid as a 4.5/5 eluded me.

4. To improve my D/T ration at least to 1.9 each.

Yet another failure to report. I did raise my D to 1.84 but my T is languishing at 1.79.

5. To visit four new Geocaching countries.

Almost but still found wanting though. I added Slovakia, Turkey and Poland to the list.

Conclusion : I must do better.


4. Dec, 2019

I don’t know about you but I’m finding caches that have supposedly been found recently but when I go to sign the log sheet, it hasn’t seen a pen or other writing implement for months.🤔

I thought that the fun in this hobby was to get out’n about and hunting down these elusive pots. However it seems that I am wrong. I heard some stories recently about ”armchair cachers” who log caches in comfort. What is the point! I know that you can play the game how you want but at some point you have to find the cache, to make it all worth while.

It seems that some cachers are almost in two places at once, hundreds of miles away, claiming finds. Why is this allowed? I’m not saying that someone cannot find caches at great distances apart of the same day, I know, I’ve done it myself but sometimes it seems iffy but gets allowed.

For a challenge cache in Surrey, I had to find and log two caches over a thousand miles apart in a 24 hour period. I signed a trad in Sorrento, Italy at 0600 whilst waiting for a bus to Naples Airport and then signed another trad in Benfleet, 1016 miles away at 1630 so it can be done.

14. Jun, 2019

I don’t seem to be finding much spare time at home these days. Other things are getting in the way of my blogging.🙁

What I’ve been doing up to now, is to build up a day’s Geocaching outing in the logs as I go and then top and tail the final one and publish it in the blog. This method has to change as I’m getting further and further behind.

What I’m going to do is to write a shorter piece which will unfortunately lose a lot of the detail but will allow me to keep up to date. I’ll start with my last outing on Tuesday and catch up with the previous blogs as soon as I can.

I hope that’s ok with you.🤞