3. Jun, 2022

3rd June 2022

Exciting news -

1. Magic : The Gathering, Ixalan Treasure Piece - suddenly went to Rethymnon in Crete with Moley68 where it was dropped off. It was quickly picked up by Jäger der Schatze and headed to Marxwell, in Baden - Wurttemberg in Germany. It has now been placed in the 4.5/4 multi - Als die lichter laufen lerntern V2.5 (Nachtcache). That’s probably the last I’ll hear of it now but it has an interesting logo on the cache page.

Not so good - 

1. VangeRover on Tour - International Traveller is still stuck with thehughestribe in New Zealand since they picked it up on January 21st last year.🥴 I have contacted them for a progress report again but they still haven’t replied. I can probably write this one off too.🙁