Am I Up To Date ?

19. Jul, 2022

You can now read about my morning’s caching on 9th July  - Lesnes Abbey.

19. Jul, 2022

I‘be completed the blog for my day out in Beckenham - Anyone for Tennis on 6th July and brought my Challenges Found list up to date.

27. Jun, 2022

I can now say that absolutely everything is up to date now👏👏👏

3. Jun, 2022

I have just added the report for 8th May - Tidying Up and the exciting news on the progress of one of my Travel Bugs. I have also added my latest Challenge cache found to my Hertfordshire page to bring all these up to date too. 😀

15. May, 2022

I have completed the blogs for my 3 Day jaunt to Wales in April and my trip to Orpington on May Day which also reached my 15k milestone.

I have also brought my Challenge caches pages up to date with recent finds in Bucks and Cambs.