Am I Up To Date ?

15. May, 2022

I have completed the blogs for my 3 Day jaunt to Wales in April and my trip to Orpington on May Day which also reached my 15k milestone.

I have also brought my Challenge caches pages up to date with recent finds in Bucks and Cambs.

30. Apr, 2022

The report on my wander around Monks Green on April 14th is now complete.

29. Apr, 2022

I‘ve just completed my report on my trip to Crossness Nature Reserve on April 10th.

21. Apr, 2022

I’ve now brought my Jasmer List up to date covering June 2000 through to December 2003. Only a few months to fill now.🤣🤣🤣

19. Apr, 2022

I‘ve managed to write up my blog to include my trek around Erith on April 3rd. I have also added the remainder of the Challenge caches that I have found to that section.