So What's All This About Then?

Geocaching has been one of my hobbies since 30 November 2014. It keeps my limbs and brain active as well as keeping me young at heart. I’m still climbing trees at just 74 years of age to get to caches as well as canoeing and hiring boats to get out to more challenging caches. I’ve now found caches in 34 countries and 154 counties.

This blog is about me getting out and about Geocaching. I‘ll write a report each day I find a cache and hope to keep it reasonably up to date. I keep my eyes open when I'm walking the footpaths and roads so if I see anything interesting, I'll cover that too, maybe adding a few photos. 

I hope to add a few stats on those countries that I’ve cached on, my Jasmer status and other stuff too. I may comment on the Geocaching scene on non caching days if anything pleases or displeases me. 

The photo of the star is from Frank's birthplace next to a church called "From Here To Eternity" in Hoboken, New Jersey. I would have never have visited this place if I hadn't come to find the nearby geocache which has now been sadly archived.