A Day Trip to Bali

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... or was that Barley in Hertfordshire.🙄 I had my route set out and would start in Reed, work my way up to Royston and then travel over to Bali and then drop down to Barkway to finish the day at a small coffee shop that I had found last time I was in town.

So I pulled into the outskirts of Reed just off the A10 just before dawn on a dry, frosty morning. My first cache of the day was the CM - Reed mystery which was quickly found as the church clock struck eight.😀 Driving on into the centre of the village, I was surprised by the proximity of the caches.

In quick time, I found the Congratulations 1000 - Loopyba mystery, the VS - Reed trad, the VHs - Reed multi and then the FP - Reed multi caches. I had cleared up the village so set off for pastures new. I drove out of the village and turned right into a road oddly called The Joint. I then turned into the Roydon Road and up to the outskirts of Roydon.

However, before I had got to Roydon, I had found eight of the Congratulations series including my own one, Congratulations 1000 - VangeRover. It is, of course, an honour to have a cache named after yourself.😀 I’ll have to work hard to have another one named after me, maybe by finding two thousand of ryo62’s caches.🥴

So I drove into Roydon looking for free parking and immediately found a space for two hours in Fish Hill. I found the nearest Costa for breakfast and then bumped into the Royston Cave Cache trad.😀 The Station wasn’t too far off so I picked up the ST trad.

I wandered around town collecting CM and WM caches in multi, mystery and trad forms. In Priory Gardens, there was a memorial to the 91st USAF Bomb Group (Heavy) that operated out of Bassingbourn airfield during WW2. They flew B-17 Flying Fortresses including the legendary “Memphis Belle”. I have sat in the pilot‘s seat of a Fort in Fort Worth, Texas and in Pasadena, California. I’d love to have a flight in one some day, it’s on my bucket list.🤫

I had pretty much cleared Royston of caches apart from the two ECs and I needed a tape measure for both of those so it was time to leave town. I was heading towards Melbourn via Bassingbourn and picked up two trads near the old RAF station and two more of the Congratulations mysteries on the way.

I was hoping to have a go at the Stockbridge Meadows AdLab series but couldn’t find a way in so I parked up near the Dolphin pub and walked down. I found all the bases and the bonus cache in this small park as well as the Stockbridge Meadows Medium trad. I walked back and had a wander around the village collecting the WM - Melbour Royal British Legion and the CM - Melbourn ~ URC trads.

I drove the short distance down to Bali and parked opposite the church but outside the Town House. I found the VH multi associated with the latter and walked up to the WM multi and then found the Poppies on Parade - Barley trad. Near here was the spectacular enamel sign for a company that is still trading.😀I walked down to the A Birthday Puzzle for heidirose4789 mystery before picking up another Congratulations mystery on the way.

I was now heading for home but I had made time for coffee and cake in Barkway. However when I parked up outside I could see that it was closed.🤯 I had to make do with the multi across the road at CM Barkway ~ URC and gather the info for the remaining two multis in the village.

5 AdLab 9 Multi 10 Traditional 16 Mystery


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