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SpongeBob is finally done

Sunday 12th March 2023 I completed the 130 SpongeBob Mystery series this morning.

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Way Out West

Thursday 9th March 2023 Today was a bit of a meander, starting in Covent Garden, working my way over to Paddington and then back to the City.

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A visit to Bexley and Dartford

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David’s Day

A visit to Hatfield Peverel and Maldon

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Way, Way Out West

I am heading out to West London today.

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I Haven’t Been Hiding

Well I’ve been away for a while, haven’t I but more of that later.😀

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It seems like years that I’ve been working on one particular Challenge Cache - 1666: The great Fire of London. All I have to do is find at least 1611 caches in Greater London and 55 caches in the City of London.😀

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Historic Broomfield

A walk around the historic village of Broomfield

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It Started in Ingatestone

I started off in Ingatestone and worked my way up towards Broomfield.

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Eight Years and Still Going Strong

It seems like only yesterday when I found my first cache, a CM in Rutland, eight years ago today. I still get the same buzz from finding a cache now as I did back then. It's fortuitous that I am out caching today and I have an event booked for later. Here's how the day went.🙂

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