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I am off to Peterborough today to pick up a few Challenge caches and to find some Cambridgeshire Church Micros.

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Southend Send Off

I thought that I should clear up all the Southend stragglers as I’m probably going to concentrate on Kent on weekend mornings now.

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Another Encounter With The Law

I needed numbers today so was relying on AdLabs in London and a few stragglers in between.

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Scooby Doo

Jazzyjessups has published a circular series of mystery caches down near Edenbridge based on Scooby Doo so that is the plan for the day.

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Brentwood by Bus

I got a lift to Ingrave with the plan to do some caching by bus on the way into Brentwood.

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Nine Elms Orbital

I was only in this neighbourhood last week but in the interim, jazzyjessups and agrajag2007 have published a circular series of trad so here I am again.

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Being Back in Battersea

My main destination today was Battersea but I was meandering a bit to get there.

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Southend Again

As I’m still having problems with the old DART charge, it’s back down to Southend again this morning.

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Leap Year Day

Leap Year Day is one of the most important days in the Geocaching diary so I had a lot planned.

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To Southend and Back

I had another trip down to the Southend area to hoover up some more caches.

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