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Thursday 5th April 2024

Last August I signed the 2.5/1.5 Motorway Mayhem M1 J12 (Challenge Cache). I thought that I had reached the dozen MM caches required to qualify but on count back, I only had eleven.🥴 So today, I am off to Peterborough for the Motorway Mayhem A1M J17 trad. I signed the log at 0805 and was very pleased to find that it was a 2006 golden oldie. I could now claim the Challenge Cache.😀

I drove a few miles north to Glinton with the plan to find a few VSs and CMs and then work my way back through the villages towards Posh City Centre. It was a poor start in Glinton with the VS multi info source missing as well as the CM trad.🙁 The next village on was only slightly better with one VS trad missing (now archived), the other VS, a multi confusing but at least, I had a result at the CM trad.

Dropping south into Werrington, I found all the bases of The Bridges of Cuckoos Hollow AL series. I passed the 1/1 Covid safe walk 1 mystery on the way and then set off on a long walk picking up VS and CM trads in the village before venturing down to the Nursery Estate trad. Now I had a stroke of luck here as a new trad was published before my very eyes.😀 The cache on the bridge troll was a totally unexpected FTF.👏

On the way out of town, I found the CM... Peterborough ~ Brookside Meth trad and added more CMs in Paston and Walton. I parked up just off the Lincoln Road in Peterborough and set off on a trek to pick up three CMs but dipped out on three more. Two were missing in action and the info source wasn't there for Peterborough ~ Spiritual.🥴

My luck picked up with 2 CM multis in Bretton and the VS trad in Longthorpe. I was after the 4/1.5 Challenge Cache : Resuscitate! Resuscitate! next but it was close to the City Hospital but I couldn't find anywhere to park. Eventually I realised that I could park for thirty minutes for free.👏 I parked up and walked the 400 yards down to the cache for a quick find.😀

Time was getting on and there was one more challenge in town that I was after so I drove east to Stanground and parked near the Fire Station. I struggled to find a way into the fierce thicket guarding the 5/2 A Cache A Day (Challenge Cache) but I eventually got in and soon spotted the clever apple container.😀 Just down the road was the CM... Stanground ~ St Michael's multi so I made this my last cache of the day.😀

I now see that I only took one photo that day.🤔

4 Mystery 5 AdLab 6 Multi 14 Traditional

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