To Southend and Back

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Sunday 24th February 2024

I always seem to run out of time when I go caching in Southend. Perhaps it's because the unfound caches are so far apart?😀 However this week I was after two sets of series along Eastern Avenue to start with. There were four caches in The Victory Sports Ground and another four across the road in the R A Jones Memorial Recreation Ground. These were novel caches set by Jeff aka twojays2 👏 and all found quickly.😀

I drove into Prittlewell and sorted out the only multi of the day at CM Southend ~ St Luke. On the way down to Southchurch Park, I stopped for the Southchurch Hall Gardens trad. In the park, I put the previous DNF at A Poem by John Hartley to bed.😀 I then set off on a few drive-bys of the A Poem series set by Metroboy2011 and some set by The Sheehans, especially the one in the photo until I ran out of time.🥴

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