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2024 New Year Resolutions

This is my tenth year of geocaching and it could be a big year for me.

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Tools of the Trade

You often see written down in cache pages or in the hints - TOTT needed. Now is this a special tool to open a box, a lock or some other exotic cache container? I’ve decided to put some thoughts down here as I’m stuck indoors...

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Musical Geocache Around

Laying in bed in the middle of the night and can’t get to sleep. So what do I do, get up and make a cup of tea. Well, I might as well plan my next Geocaching morning while I’m waiting for the tea to cool down a little.

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As I’ve said before, I‘m trying to improve my blog. So, I’ve started checking the internet and there are sites out there list the top 50 Geocaching blogs in the world as well as the top 10 UK blogs.

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Messing About

I’m trying to improve the blog so I’m messing about with it. I’d like to add more photos to each blog but it seems I can’t do it with this host. Anyway, bear with me.🥴

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New Year Resolutions Update

Let’s start by taking stock of last year resolutions. Certainly the pandemic took a large bite into the possibility of completing these. This is a recap of my predictions last time.

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New Year Resolutions 2021

Now these are entirely Covid dependent...

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This Blog

The weekly stats for this blog came in today. During the last week the blog has been visited 2008 times, which is mind blowing.🤯

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Resolutions - An Update

1. Definitely Quality not Quantity this year. Now that was the plan and I certainly concentrated on higher D/T caches and went after fewer trads. 2...

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My New Year’s Resolutions

After failing on five out of six resolutions last year, should I play safe or aim high?

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