New Year Resolutions 2021

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Now these are entirely Covid dependent.

1. We have another cruise booked to Iceland taking in the Shetlands in July. Hopefully we can strike lucky here. If Covid has eased by Christmas, we hope to visit Lithuania or another Eastern European state that we haven’t been to, for a Christmas Market.

2. I need a 4.5/5 cache to complete my grid for the second time. I have one in mind but I’ll need these Covid tiers to ease a bit.

3. It’s the same for my English Counties list, if the tiers ease, I’ll find an excuse to visit Greater Manchester.

4. I want to drive my present D/T of 1.85/1.79 up a bit. My new idea is to only go for a cache if it is has at least a 2 in the D/T. However, I will always go for a series cache even if it’s the dreaded 1.5/1.5.

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