2024 New Year Resolutions

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This is my tenth year of geocaching and it could be a big year for me.

The magic figure of 20,000 caches found doesn’t seem that far away now. I have just reached 18,000 so with a bit of planning, I could gather 200 a month just in time to reach the target on my tenth anniversary on November 30th.

I should really do something special to do mark the event. I have always cast envious eyes at those that log the 5/5 on that Russian nuclear submarine moored in the Medway at Rochester. That could be a contender.

I’m always working on Challenge caches and there a couple of Challenges series down in Hampshire that I am busy working on. I’d like to tick the majority of those off.

If I carried on getting 200 a month up to the end of the year, I would qualify for yet another Challenge in Swanscombe.😀 Challenges begat Challenges and I hope to reach 600 of these this year too, for yet another…..

Let’s check up this time next year to see how I got on, God Willing!

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