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Laying in bed in the middle of the night and can’t get to sleep. So what do I do, get up and make a cup of tea. Well, I might as well plan my next Geocaching morning while I’m waiting for the tea to cool down a little.

I’m going over to Maldon but spot one of nathanjhunt‘s Letterbox caches in Woodham Ferrers that I have struggled with in the past. It’s a 4/1.5 and not to be sneezed at so I give it another whirl. It’s based on flags of the world and I actually identified then all but then hit a brick wall. I get half a hint in a previous log and realise that the hint isn’t actually shown on the page. It’s actually a missing part of a song title which is the name of this cache. Suddenly everything falls into place and I solved the puzzle😀

However, that got me into songs that would fit into Geocaching and my mind went into overtime think of suitable songs. So this morning, I researched a little and found that this had been a popular topic on the official Geocaching forum about 15 years ago. 🥴If only I’d discovered this great hobby, pastime, call it what you will.

So my idea for a blog topic was scuppered but I’ll keep it in mind for the future. Will I become “The Hunter” written by Albert King  but first heard it played by John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers but not with Eric or ”The Wild Rover” (Traditional) but made popular by The Dubliners. Watch this space.🤔

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