New Year Resolutions Update

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Let’s start by taking stock of last year resolutions. Certainly the pandemic took a large bite into the possibility of completing these. This is a recap of my predictions last time.

1. I plan to visit the following new Geocaching countries next year - Portugal, Morocco, Gibraltar, Albania, Iceland and hopefully Lithuania.

I managed to visit Portugal and Spain on a cruise but unfortunately due to Covid, we weren’t allowed to dock in Gibraltar and Morocco.🙁 Not only was our cruise to Iceland postponed but then cancelled when the cruise company went bankrupt. All our other plans to travel abroad were scuppered.

2. I plan to complete all the English Counties by caching in the Isle of Wight and Greater Manchester.

We managed to get to the Isle of Wight in February but later travel plans were abandoned.

3. I plan to add the Shetland Islands and a few of the counties around Glasgow to my Scottish Counties list.

I had planned to visit The Shetlands on the Iceland cruise but no luck unfortunately.

4. I want to bite a big chunk out of my solved Challenge Cache list, hopefully driving up my D/T ratio.

I maybe had a nibble at my Challenge Cache list but not much more. I managed to reach 500 1/1 caches for yet another challenge so now I will only look for a cache if it has at least a 2 in the D/T so I can drive these numbers up.

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