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You often see written down in cache pages or in the hints - TOTT needed. Now is this a special tool to open a box, a lock or some other exotic cache container? I’ve decided to put some thoughts down here as I’m stuck indoors. What is on your TOTT list? Here’s what’s on mine.🤔

1. It has to be a writing implement. I probably have about six pens in my pocket plus another half dozen in my Geocaching bag.

2. A notebook is also another essential. Collating info to work out coords or even providing  emergency log sheet, paper is a prerequisite.

3. I always carry a pair of tweezers along with my pens. I have a spare couple with different points in my bag.

4. I have always found a telescopic magnet stick useful for retrieving magnet containers from tubes. It’s quite useful for hooking caches down from a high place. I bought my one from NE Geocaching at the last Kent Mega and well worth the four quid.

5. I have a screwdriver with interchangeable bits to overcome the problem of finding a Phillips head screw when I only have a slotted head driver.

6. A pair of pliers are always handy but the last time that they would have come in handy, I found that I’d taken them out of my Geocaching bag to do a job indoors.🥴

7. Of course a torch is always useful and I carry three with me, a small LED torch, an LED headtorch as well as a UV torch, which I’ve only used once. I always check the torches before I go out Caching after I found that two were dead when I definitely need a torch.🙁 I still need to go back for that WM multi.

I think that these are essential but I keep reading about log rollers, however, I’ve managed ok so far so do I need one.

So what else do I carry - spare logs and plastic pouches of various sizes

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