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Saturday 30th March

There was next to no traffic on the roads this morning and I parked up in an empty road next to Hockley Station. The ST trad was a quick find and I checked the time as 0600. Fifteen minutes later I was signing the log sheet of the CM Canewdon ~ St Nicholas trad.😀 Add on ten minutes and I had the Doggetts Playing Field trad in hand. This was in a really sorry state but they all count.😀

I drove down to that new estate built on farmland just outside Rochford and on the way to Hawkwell to finish off the series of trads based on song titles. There were some very clever caches here but my favourite was Poison Ivy : The Paramounts. These were a Southend band who changed their name to that of their manager's cat. Procul Harem is an odd name for a feline.🤔

I pulled into the big Tesco's on the A127. I was sure that Off Yer Trolley was missing the last time that I was here but the cache has now been revamped. You wouldn't beleive how difficult it was to see a parrot in a tree.🤣 I took off down to Southend RFC for the Rugby or Football trad. Luckily it was empty this week and I had signed the log sheet at 0739.

Now normally I would drive past the few remaining caches in Garons Park especially as the SEE:IT #13 (Letter) Boxing was always missing. However it is back in play and was found yesterday so I'm going in.😀 I parked up and quickly found SEE IT#2 Garons Park and sorted out stage one of the letterbox. I walked out to stage two but no one had been there for a while as the vegetation hadn't been disturbed. This one was logged from the armchair yesterday.🥴

Undeterred, I decided that I could walk out to two DNFs from a couple of weeks ago. I strode through the golf course onto Rebels Lane and made amends by finding both Celebrating Street Art and There's something like hares. All I had to do was to walk back to the car but I couldn't resist looking for a letter box that wasn't there.🤔

In an effort to turn Southend smiley, I drove down to Southchurch for The Man Who Turned Back (In Time) and then spun round and headed off to Eastwood for Aya & Freya #1 and Aya & Freya Green. The first one was very well hidden so I just jumped the fence and had an easy spot from behind. The second one was easy peasy.

I was now on the homeward leg and set off down the A127. I turned off into Daws Heath for Nephews Navigation. This was at the entrance to a nature reserve and luckily I didn't have to go in as I really didn't have the time. I scooted off into Thundersley to Kiln Road for CM Thundersley ~ Congregational. I don't know if I have said but I'm working on a challenge to find two hundred cache each month in a year. So far I'm on target and this last cache was my two hundredth for March.

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