Southend Again

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Sunday 3rd March 2024

I started off my day with a trad in Westcliff at 0634 and added three more on the journey down to Bournes Green Park. I was after the multi here but it was missing. 🥴 As I was dealing with the rat container of the A Poem by John Betjeman trad, Tarmo called saying that he was on his way over to replace the multi. After chatting for a few minutes, he went off and I walked around to the A Poem by Robert Williams Buchanan trad.

I had heard of Rebels Lane before but had never visited. I parked at the head of the track and quickly found the trad of the same name. I carried on down the muddy lane for a good mile to Royal Artillery Way but it turned out to be a waste of time as I Did Not Find There is something about Hares and Celebrating Street Art.🙁

Back at the car, I set a course for Sutton Road for Cache & Dash KNOCK KNOCK and continued through the industrial estate towards the Southend RFC ground. Unfortunately the whole area was a traffic jam dropping off kids in kit so I left the cache for another day.

Earlier Tarmo mentioned that his VS Eastwood had become live so I headed over there. I had no thought of a FTF as Grobo57 would have found it seconds after publication.🤣 However, I had a quick find and as I was in the burgh, drove up to The Boundary. I'm always pleased to find old examples of street furniture so this one deserved a fave point for bringing me here.

1 Multi 10 Traditional

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