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Thursday 21st March 2024

Now when my children were little they wanted to see a Scooby Doo film and it remains the absolutely worst film that I have ever seen. Or maybe it was The Cat in the Hat by Doctor Seuss.😱😱 Needless to say that Scooby is one of my pet hates but I had to overcome that to work out 37 puzzles based on the character.

I set off early and stopped off in Four Elms for the CM multi and the VS mystery before Charlton11 archived them.☚ī¸ Just down the road was the final of the Saxman Bill and his band leaders? mystery cache so I had to go for that one, didn't I.😀

I parked up in Edenbridge High Street and walked down to the church. I sorted out the information for Sedimentary Rock EC at the lych gate and then into the grave yard for the WM Edenbridge virtual. Along the High Street were two challenge caches that  I had qualified for. The Class 10 Cache meets County Challenge Cache was an easy find but the 4.5/1 3's a magic number ... 366 Challenge was a bit of a git.🤔 After roaming up and down the road for a while, I eventually spotted the well hidden cache.

I was able to park on the main road going south out of town near Edenbridge Hospital and soon found the WM mystery. It turned out that it was located at the trail head for the Scooby snack series, which was nice. 😀 So all booted up, I set off and found 01 at 0834. 

It was a very pleasant walk through meandering countryside. There were a number of very muddy stretches but that was to be expected at this time of year. I saw the usual line up of our avian friends including one very special Tree Creeper not long into the walk. There were only two variations on the walk and that was the LB ~ Hever multi and then the 4/3 Jazz club (nice!) Challenge Cache. The Fast Show was a great comedy series and the Jazz Club and Sir Rowley Birkin QC sketches were amongst my favourites. This year I will be mainly Geocaching.đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ

I finished the series at 1243. After debooting, headed into town for my favourite eating establishment of the moment for lunch or was it brunch.🤔 A pasty and a coffee later, I was on my way north up to Toys Hill. I was particularly keen on finding the 2006 vintage Mole's Hill View 2 - A well nice view today. I had a quick find but unfortunately the low cloud rolling in rather spoilt the view.🙁 Next up was the 3.5/2 AFP ~ Toys Hill multi. It was easy sorting out the coords but this one wasn't a high D for nothing. It was one of the most cunningly concealed cache that I had found.👏

It was getting on for two now so I took off for Westerham or Oisterham as they used to say ...😀 I found it very difficult to park in the town so had to invest in an hour's parking about half a mile out of town. However I was able to find two of the Oisterham to Westerham AL series on the way in to the town centre. I found the AFP ~ Westerham multi as well as the Oisterham virtual but I didn't have enough time to complete the CM Westerham ~ Congregational multi before it was time to head for home.

1 Earthcache 2 AdLab 2 Traditional 2 Virtual 4 Multi 43 Mystery

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