Buckhurst Hill

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Have you seen that series that has appeared down in Shoreham in Kent? Set by the profilic CC setter Rubyshoos, it's about Geocaching Pioneers. Not Signal the Frog but finding caches in the years 2001 to 2010. I qualify for some so am starting to work on those that I do not.

Today, I am popping over to Buckhurst Hill which straddles the Eastern and Greater London regions. I pulled into the Tube station just before dawn and quickly covered all the bases of the A Cow-strophe! - Le Voleur de Vaches AdLab series. The last base was down by the Knighton Woods car park which was perfect for the next series of caches.

I started off with #6 Roman Trail, a multi which I would save until later on. I headed down to #7, a Letterbox which I soon found. Next up was the target for the day - The Old Portugese Tramway, and it was any easy find as well as being a 3/2, Large, 2003 trad.😀 Not far away was the An Old Oak trad which was only found thanks to looking at old log sheets.

I was tackling the trail in an anti-clockwise route around the woods so the next find was the #5 trad but I had no luck at #4 and gave up to save some time. I had to bushwhack into the middle to find the very clever 4.5/3 mystery - The Dead Drop. It's amazing how well someone can hide an ammo box.😀 I continued on to #3, an easy trad before a couple of respites.

The 3/1.5 In a nutshell, it's a tree trad was one of these printed plastic caches that looked so much like the real thing. I was now heading from east to west back towards the car. I had the 4/2 Bird House trad taped using natural materials after exhausting my totts.

I was really running out of time so I left #1, a 1.5/1.5 trad for another time and headed down to the final stage of the multi that I had solved earlier but unfortunately I had to end the day with a dud as I just could spot the thing. I just hate these "hanging around" hints, don't you?🤔

1 Letterbox 1 Mystery 5 AdLab 7 Traditional  

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