Chemicals in Sevenoaks

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Saturday 9th September 2023

My usual weekend plan is to find a circular series of caches about 45 minutes away that I could do in a couple of hours. Hopefully there's enough time for a couple of drive-bys. I had spotted a series of 14 letterboxes and mysteries including a bonus loosely called the Chemical series down in Kent. I had a couple of others including an AdLab series lined up in the village itself too. Here's how the morning went.🤔

Up nice and early and a free ride though the tunnel.😀 It seemed that it would be tricky to find a nearby parking place but luckily I found one near the trail head. I couldn't find the first cache, The Halogens and the second one, Flourene took an age to find in the brambles but I logged it at 0641.😀 

There were a lot of cunningly hidden caches but one stood out for me. I had just found a cache and was returning to the main path when a herd of cows entered the field.🥴 I gave them a wide berth and left the field and headed to the next cache which was Helium. A farmer came along with a couple of dogs jollying along a cow and a calf. We said "ow do" and I approached the search area for a quick find thanks to the hint.😀 As I was doing the admin, I looked up and saw that the farmer wad looking back at me.🤔 He shouted "that's it, you've found it".😀

I was reminded of the John Mayall's Bluesbreakers sixties classic - " I was looking back to see if she was looking back to see if I was looking back at her".😀

 I eventually worked my way around the circuit successfully. I was left with the one unfound cache back near the trail head. As I read the previous logs, I realised that some parts of Kent have unusual footpath markers and that helped me complete the series at 0837.😀

I had time for a few more so I drove into the village and parked up near the village green. I quickly worked out the coords to the VS Weald multi and then set off following the path of the Weald Wander AL series hoping that it passed near to the final stage of the multi.🤔 It didn't quite but I made a quick find here although the camo bag was a bit snug on the container.🥴 I continued ticking off the AL bases until I had all the info for the bonus. Luckily this one was a quick find, giving me enough time to get home for ten o'clock.👍🏻👍🏻

1 Multi 5 AdLab 7 Mystery 8 Letterbox

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